Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still in shock from my hijacking incident

Time is currently past midnight. I am still not able to sleep, though some welcome yawns are finally approaching. I havent written on my blogs for a very long time and this is probably the worst way to enter back in to my glasshouse.

I have just fallen victim to the real virus that’s affecting this gorgeous country, violent crimes. I have always maintained (and still do), that no person is ever completely safe in this country regardless of where you are and therefore should not live their life in unnecessary fear but instead enjoy the beauty of this country and everything else it offers.

I finished work a bit late as usual, thereafter I went to visit a friend, had a few slices of pizza and I was off home relatively early (around 9.15PM) because my parents are staying with us this week. As I reached the gate of our flats, I realized that I had left the gate remote with my parents and therefore I decided to park outside briefly so that I can use the intercom to retrieve the remote from my parents.

I had never heard of any serious criminal incidents in our area, thus I got out of my car in the usual self-assured manner and walked towards the gate. Suddenly, out of nowhere 2 men approached me and everything from then on seemed to be in ultra slow motion. I saw a gun slowly coming out of one of the guy’s jacket; he pointed the gun at me, cocked it and shouted at me for the car keys. The security guy at the complex finally understood what was going on and started running towards us, but it was a few seconds too late. In that time the other guy had also robbed me off my cellphone, laptop, wallet and a zippo which I was quite attached to.

Within seconds the guys drove off with the car, and I stood gazed, outside the gates for a couple of minutes without much movement or emotions before walking indoors and breaking the news to Suraj and my mom. I was rather calm considering the circumstances and my mom reacted in a surprisingly similar way, which helped me get myself under control.

Now it’s 1AM and finally the much wanted sleepiness has found me and I am off to fall in to her arms.

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Fluency said...

Shucks man... sorry to hear about this... hope things work out and ur losses get recovered...